Global Spokes, Inc. is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. All donations are tax deductible.


$10 Provides:   Front/Rear Flashing Lights

$25 Provides:   Lights and a Bike Lock

$50 Provides:   Lights, Lock, and a Helmet 

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Global Spokes relies on the donations of friends, neighbors and supporters. In addition to bicycles and bicycle parts, financial contributions allow us to purchase those parts, and occasionally a bike, that will help us put a ridable bike in the hands of a person needing transportation, or a bike for exercise and recreation. Please consider donating.

Global Spokes is committed to supplying quality bikes to those who need them. But we rely on donated bikes and parts from neighbors, friends and supporters.


If you have a bike to donate, we will take it. If it is 'fixable' we will do that, and put it on the road again in the hands of someone who will be thrilled to have it. If it cannot be made 'road worthy', it can be used for parts....pedals, brakes, seats or wheels. No bike is too decrepit for our use! And still usable bike parts are also needed.

We will pick up bikes. If you have a bike or parts for donation to Global Spokes,

contact us by clicking here!

Today the project serves refugee students from countries including Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Burma, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Liberia, and Democratic Republic of Congo. In cooperation with the SOPO Bike Cooperative and the generous funding from a grant provided by the Rands Foundation, bicycles were given to students to support greater freedom of access throughout the community and to add a measure of enjoyment for the girls. Global Spokes, with support from SOPO, will continue to keep the students supplied with bikes and safety accessories.

In 2004, a group of social activists and educators volunteering with refugee families in Clarkston noticed that young refugee women were struggling to succeed in metroAtlanta secondary schools. It was clear that many of them had experienced significant gaps in their education before arriving in the U.S.. These volunteers were awarded a start up grant from the Atlanta Women’s Foundation to open a full day school for 30 refugee teenage girls. Decatur Presbyterian Church generously offered to provide space free of charge to establish a program now called Global Village Project.

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Thank You!

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We rode 8 miles Saturday on the path. Next step, the Silver Comet! Jennifer love riding with her feet up on the frame. She makes me laugh with her joy. Enclosed is a check to bring joy to the next child! Thanks so much.

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I want to say thank you for the nice and beautiful bike. Your are very nice and lovely to give away your bike to me. I will ride the bike for fun. Thanks and may God bless you and your family and keep good things coming to you.

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I cannot thank you enough for the gift of the bikes! Your generosity and willingness to help our refugee students is absolutely wonderful. I know the girls will get great use of these bikes.