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Supporting Communities in Need

The idea for Global Spokes evolved from an experience that came about quite unexpectedly. My wife and I signed up for an opportunity initiated by the Decatur City Church to participate in
a work day in the community. We randomly chose to help out with a graduation celebration for a program in Clarkston that taught technology skills to refugees.


It was from this experience that we were introduced to the expansive work that has been going on in Clarkston to serve the large refugee community. Earlier that year I happened to become involved with a bike cooperative that helped people obtain and repair bikes at minimal costs. When an opportunity
came to apply for a grant to serve people in need we decided to focus on providing bikes and accessories to the refugee community.


That began in 2018 and has continued to this day. Last
year I was contacted by Mike Flueckiger who expressed interest in joining the cause. And luckily he had a close friend Rodger Burgess who was also interested and had a valuable asset: he owned a truck. The rest is history.


To date, we have donated over 350 bicycles to the
refugee community that included students of the “Fugees Academy”and the “Global Village Project." And of course a good number of bikes have gone to adults who needed a
way to get to and from work, grocery stores, etc. "We’re excited that with the Global Village and Fugees organizations our

outreach will only grow in the impact we can make."

Hunter Ramseur

First Time on a Bike!

First Time on a Bike!

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1st Time on a Bike!!

Global Spokes enthusiastically endorses the biking industry’s climate change declaration. Please visit

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